Stretch-a-Buck Beauty Tip:
During the winter we tend to put foundation on a bit thicker, but if youíre not a fan of covering up so much, I have two suggestions: first, blend foundation only in the areas you feel you may need it, like to cover redness or blemishes. Also, mix your moisturizer with your foundation (half and half). This will not only thin out your foundation if you prefer more sheet coverage, but you will ultimately use less over time and save money.
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LUCE Hair GLoss by Oscar Blandi
Luce is a hair gloss that you rinse out. It adds shine to your hair, lifts it with light in ways that only Oscar Blandi can. Apply Luce evenly throughout hair, cover with Oscar's shower cap, Cuffia Per Doccia. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with mild water. $25, (Oscar Bandi)

Moist Lips Year Round:
I donít know about you but my lips get terribly dry and cracked during the cold and windy winter months. Two years ago I found the solution at Kmart. Itís called Natural Ice by Mentholatum, they also make Soft Lips, and every night I slick on some Soft Lips or Natural Ice and my lips are never EVER dry when I remember to reapply each evening. You can buy Soft Lips at most any chain drugstore, but I have only found Natural Ice at Wal-Mart or Kmart.


Goody Ouchless Bobby Pins $2; drugstores nationwide.

Stretch-a-Buck Beauty Tip :
Get the most out of your foundation this winter (click here)

Moist Lips Year Round :
I found the solution at Kmart! (click here)
LUCE Hair Gloss :
New from Oscar Blandi adds shine while it lifts hair with light
(click here)